Suvas Mooring Bollard Suvas Mooring Bollard with LED Lighting

Suvas - Mooring Bollard with LED Lighting

Suvas Mooring Bollard Suvas is a mooring bollard with integrated LED lighting for docking applications. Unit is designed to provide lighting and mooring solution for mid-sized docks, but may also be used in various other marine applications.

Thanks to its acid resistant 316L stainless steel finish, this mooring bollard can be used in all types of environments and it endures harsh conditions typically associated with salt water.

LED light unit's color temperature is neutral white (4000K).



Acid resistant 316L stainless steel

Power supply:

Constant current 350 mA LED driver

Electrical connection:


Operating temperature:

-40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)

LED lifespan:

100,000 Hours operating with 30% decrease in luminous flux

Luminous flux:

180 lumen


6 years (light unit)


3.8 pounds (1.73 kilograms)

Tensile strength:

3.4 tons force (30 kN)


Suvas Dimensions (Top)
Suvas Dimensions (Side)